QRP-Labs Ultimate3 QRSS kit

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A while I started to get interested in WSPR and QRSS communication. The fun part of that would be getting as much km / watt with a DIY of kit based baken transmitter.

When looking around for some schematics and kits, I found the website of Hans Summers who has designed the Ultimate3 QRSS kit (link : http://www.hanssummers.com/ultimate3.html ). This kit has the most of what you need onboard for WSPR and QRSS communication and all for a nice price (aprx euro 20,00 / $28,00).

Some information about this kit (copy of the Ultimate3 QRSS kit page):

The kit supports the following modes:

- QRSS mode (plain on/off keyed slow CW)

- FSK/CW mode (frequency shift keyed slow CW)

- DFCW mode (dual frequency CW)

- WSPR mode (Weak Signal Propagation Reporter)

- WSPR-15 experimental WSPR mode with 15-minute frames

- Slow-Hellschreiber (frequency shifted slow-Hell)

- Full-speed Hellshreiber

- Half-speed ("DX") Hellshreiber

- CW (plain CW)

- FSK (0-999Hz shift, fast-speed FSK CW)

- Customisable FSK patterns

Other features:

- DDS-controlled output frequency (through-pin DDS module, no SMD soldering required)

- Plug-in low pass filter boards (available for 10 HF and 2 LF bands)

- 2-row by 16-character blue back-lit LCD + two-button user interface

- User-programmable (callsign, message, speed, FSK, mode, etc.), settings stored in EEPROM

- GPS interface, for locking the frequency, timing and location information

- On-chip generation of WSPR encoded message (no PC required)

- WSPR maidenhead locator can be generated from GPS-derived latitude/longitude

- Selectable “frame” size, for stacked QRSS reception

- Plain CW callsign identifier at selectable interval

- Produces 150mW RF output on 30m (lower output on higher frequency bands)

- Higher output power by additional PA transistor and/or higher PA supply voltage

Reading all the this I took the step and orderd a kitt and some aditional filters, so I could work 10m, 20m and 40m, on 10 jan 2014. Knowing because of some stock problems it could take atleast a month to get the kit. But on 12 feb 2014 the shipment confirmation came in and on 18 feb 2014 I got the packages nicely packed with all stuff in it from Japan (!!?!?!?!).

Any way, that evening . . . it got late, very late :-)

Result, all filters build and tested, Ultimate 3, build, tested and up and running.

Check the next pages for more info of the build and photo's