ManhattanStyle soldering pads

ManhattanStyle soldering pads

For RF applications, one of my favourite ways to build is the ManhattanStyle.

If you're unkown with Manhattan Style, check out The Art of "Manhattan" Style or Manhattan Building Technique by Chuck Adams, K7QO (PDF)

After posting a photo on my Instagram showing a stock of fresh cut manhattanstyle soldering pads, I got a question from Homed EP7AHN on how I made them. So especially for Homed EP7AHN I made a step by step photo series on Instagram showing how I create a new stock of manhattanstyle pads.

Because I know more fellow hams are looking for ways to make these pads, I decided to publish the post also on my Facebook page and on this webstite.

The pictures show the individual steps (incl some description) and I hope to inspires fellow hams with this post.

My "Wals, Zet en Knipcombinatie" aka Cutting/bending/rolling machine.  (link)

The grid on cutting bench is 1/6 of a inch squares. You can create them online and download them in PDF to print.

PDF Document Size : A4 
Grid Spacing: 6 lines / inch
Grid Color: Black

On the raw PCB material add 1" marks (trust me you need them)

Align the first mark to the 1/6" grid so 1/6" is been cut off (the mark is positioned on the grid line between the 5e and 6e grid).

Cut a many of strips as you need.

Normally you would cut more strips to make a larger mat of them. But the pictures above are to show how the steps are.

Align them as shown.

Use sticky tape to cover them (careful not to move them).

Cut them free (outer contour).

Add a 1" mark on the one of the strips. And repeat the Technic as used to cut the strips.

The result : a nice stock of manhattanstyle soldering pads.


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