FT-817/818 Anderson PowerPole Addon

Although I had some mechanical drawing training in my teenage years and had some AutoCad experience in my twenties and like to draw 3D on good old fashion paper with a pencil, the modern  3D cad design world is a whole new ballgame to me.

To gain some experience with that, I'm experimenting with online 3D like ThinkerCad and 3D printing, to make parts for a new 0 scale modelrailroad project. For inspirations and idea's I often take a look what other creators have designed on https://www.thingiverse.com/ .

One day I looked for hamradio stuff and came I came across a design by John Poland N0WL which allowed to use Anderson Power Poles (TM) directly on a Yaesu FT817 rig (see : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2624597/ ).  Owning a FT817ND QRP for many years and often losing my external power because of the small DC plug dropping out of my rig, I knew I had to give it a try. The sketch is also modified by by Damon1974 (K0ESX Damon Downing see https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2625096 ).

Important note for FT-818 owners : please read this info on the SotaBeams website regarding using this adapter on a FT-818 (section : Comments from the manufacturer on using these adapters with the FT-818 ).

I downloaded the project files, uploaded it to my ThinkerCad account and took a look at it. And it looked good.

So I orderded a few set of  Anderson Power Poles (TM) for 30 Amps and a matching hand crimp tool and asked the boyfriend of my daughter, who owns a 3D printer, to print me one.

Coming over for the registered partnership of my brother and his girlfriend, he brought me two prints and the day after that the postman dropped of my ordered parts. Also a friend of my printed one, so now I have one on spare.

Let the fun begin.

Now all the special parts are in the house, the fun can begin.

I used a 90 dgr angle DC plug with cable which I salvaged from a old DC power supply. The DC plug fits in nicely. Some cleaning on the 3D printed part to allow the screw to fit.

Some bending and soldering. Yes I know you should crimp the wires to the connectors, but the DC cable is so thin crimping isn't going to work :-( . But the power pole's are in place and that what counts. I'm thinking about adding some heat glue to make it more stiff.

Next step is to make cables which I can use to apply power to the rig. The first one I build was a 12V car power sigaret lighter cable.

And tested it for fitting and correct power polarity (both : passed).

The moment of truth. The 3D printed part mounted on the back of my FT817ND.

And again a fitting and the power test. Both passed (so no magic smoke).

Next I made two additional cables. One with the banana plugs and one with 6.3mm faston connectors (and a 6A reverse polarity protection diode) which I can use with LeadGell power cells.

Now I hope the Dutch weather gives  me some slack to go fieldradio.


Please remember :



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