Quotes, fun and cartoons

Hamradio is more then just technologie it's also fun and humor.  


This quote sums it all up : “This is a highly experimental hobby with a healthy mix of science, mathematics, getting electrocuted and complete luck/guesswork all with the intention of communicating with people you don’t know!”

And in 2020 this one would be used a lot : "HAM Radio Operators: Practicing social distancing for over 100 years"



Story of my life. 



Oh yes please!!!

pleasureroom_small (my old shack)


And in 2020 this one would be used a lot...



I'm in AA (Amplitude Anonymous) Hi, my name is Lex PH2LB, and I'm addicted to radio.


We all know the pain.



Some not so seriouse experiments.

On a evening I starred poking in the Donor Frog (FRG7) and turned out that the audio amplifier was still working. Re-did the switch wiring which was abused by some one and now when switched to AML Added a BlueTooth audio receiver and now I can connect to it with my mobile phone and  stream audio to it. 

To bad the original speaker is gone but it's still fun. Next step going more up stream and see what still workes and what doesn't.