Projects 4 kids

Projects 4 Kids

A few weeks ago I bought a handfull of components and  materials to build 2 crystal radio's to put on stock for a rainy afternoon. A few days later it was one of those days that rain was the only thing to see outside. So I decided to do a technical workshop afternoon with the kids.

The kids where supprised and eager to learn about this strang radio where you don't need a battery to get music.They made the component placement them self and only needed a bit help creating the coil holder. The baic design was based on the simple passive crystal receiver from Chris Dorna (PE1DZX) (see also : Bouwpakket passieve schuifradio ) and we added even a few minor upgrades to it.

After every thing was placed and finished up, we went to the attic to hook up on of the the long wire's I use for HamRadio listening .

They were very suprised by the results and even wanted to a large multisection Air variable capacitor.


Update 10 march 2013 : To suprisse the kids on a other rainy I orderd 2 new kids from Chris which are active slider radio's (See : Bouwpakket actieve schuifradio ).


To be continued. . . . . .




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