If you know stuff, you can do stuff

Help spread the word and show your support with these free (vinyl) stickers.

IBEW Know Stuff Sticker

Check out these posts on the soldersmoke blog : 

As Bill N2CQR said :

Please distribute these as much as possible, and ask those who receive them to place them in appropriate places where people will see them. In NYC, for example, I placed them on surfaces that had already been covered with stickers and graffiti. Many bars and coffee shops encourage the placement of stickers like these.

 Although I have ordered 500 stickers, we limit to 1 set of 5 stickers per request (aka person / e-mail address). Please be sportive about that.

Update 24 june 2022 : with just 29 of inital 100 sets left we can say that the stickers are a great success. I have shipped them over the world and hope to see many cool photo's on the soldersmoke blog.


Get yours at : https://ph2lb.nl/webshop/sticker.php

73 to you and yours, and enjoy our great hobby.


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