Hamradio bookshelf

and on it, books, books and more books.

Even in this digital age with lots of information online, in PDF's etc, when it comes to hamradio I prefer to read real books. And yes I do have a real e-reader (with e-paper display) and love it. But for reading text only books like novels. When it comes to tables, graphs, images, making side notes etc. even the most modern e-reader just doesn't cut it. A full A4 / Letter size e-reader makes the reading (of PDF's) much better, but until book publishers find a good way to make good e-books work with tables, graphs and images, I stick to the dead tree kind.  

Also there are a lot of old books out there which don't exist in digital format and most scans are just plain horrible to read (and lag the search and index function of real e-books.

Don't get me wrong, I like a PDF on CDROM (or download) of a Book I have. When I travel a full size ARRL Handbook isn't that easy and I read the PDF on my laptop. But in the shack, the dead tree kind is used (filled with side notes and idea's).  But enough ranting about e-books and dead tree books. Let's take a look.

I have split the bookshelf in a few parts :