The first steps where cool but not really DIY. So I bought a set of 2 RFM95W LoRA trancievers with HOPE_RF Carrier boards and Arduino shields from IdeeTron. Started to experiment with them and after a few evenings playing around with them, messages where exchanged over the air between the 2 boards.

Again cool, but no LoRA WAN.

The first true LoRa WAN experiance

The problem with LoRA WAN is that when you really want to play, you need to have a gateway. And those things do cost some Euro or what every currency you like. But I'm in the lucky situation that next to the office where I work there is a nice high-tech company called KITT Engineering which DO have a TheThingsNetwork gateway (which is basically LoRA WAN for the public).

So again after a few hour programming and playing with the Arduino's the first HelloWorld was send over TheThingsNetwork.

And confirmed by the API of TheThinksNetwork (https://thethingsnetwork.org/api/v0/nodes/)

So that was a good start.

But there is room for improvement. 

Next step : learning, getting information and making contacts.

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