LoRA learning

LoRA learning

To get things even more going I attended on 31 march 2016 to the I.O.T. lecture at KITTLab and had the change to meet a lot of interesting people who also are interested in LORA and follow the interesting lectures. Check out this link with pictures and the presentations.

Also I have be attending to the "Bouw je TTN Node" workshop organised by TKKRLab. It was a good workshop where I met a lot of interesting people. The endproduct was a good working TTN-Node which can be modified and expanded with own idea's.

A Tin TTN node

The result of the "Bouw je TTN Node" workshop organised byTKKRLab was a LoRa / LoRaWAN node based on a Arduino and a Microchip RN2483. It works great but it was either laying around on my workbench or was traveling with me in a ESD seal bag when I was traveling by train. So when I had to change trains and had time I could try to see if the TTN gateways near trainstations work.

So this ended up in a "while traveling by train" project : RF but no hamradio. Boxed the node in a non-altoids tin (Hamradio operators know what I mean). As a antenna I used a piece of old teflon coax with A SMA connector on it. Cutting away a 1/4 lambda of the shielding.

Works perfect and the batteries seem to last for ever. Even when the node software isn't running deepsleep, etc.

More to learn

The quest for knowledge wasn't stop by just the visit to the workshop. I meet a lot of people on variouse meetups. Checkout these MeetUps :








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