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Jul 5, 2022

If you know stuff, you can do stuff

Help spread the word and show your support with these free (vinyl) stickers.

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Posted by: lex

IBEW Know Stuff Sticker

As Bill N2CQR said :

Please distribute these as much as possible, and ask those who receive them to place them in appropriate places where people will see them. In NYC, for example, I placed them on surfaces that had already been covered with stickers and graffiti. Many bars and coffee shops encourage the placement of stickers like these.

 Although I have ordered 500 stickers, we limit to 1 set of 5 stickers per request (aka person / e-mail address). Please be sportive about that.

Update 24 june 2022 : with just 29 of inital 100 sets left we can say that the stickers are a great success. I have shipped them over the world and hope to see many cool photo's on the soldersmoke blog.


Get yours at :

73 to you and yours, and enjoy our great hobby.


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