Elecraft K2

In July 2022  I got my hands on a used Elecarft K2 (RFBoard (2002 Rev B3R) cpu 1.09, Controlboard cpu 2.04R) with a few options : 

  • KAF-2 - Audio filter and realtime clock (2001 REV B 1.06)
  • KAT-2 - Internal antenna tuner (with 2 antenna inputs) (1999 REV C)
  • KNB-2 - Noise blanker (1999 REV D)
  • KSB-2 - SSB unit (1999 REV D CPU 2.02)
  • DIY PTT output 


The  Elecraft K2 is a modular transceiver, it has even more room to add even more modules like :

  • KIO-2 - RS-232C interface and AUX I/O
  • K160M 160M and 2nd RX Port
  • K60XV - 60m + Transverter Adapter Kit 
  • KBT2 Battery

Although it needed some work (for example : the 20m band probably needs alignment because the RX is several S points lower then the other bands, there are a few (undocumented?) MODS etc), but I have used it to listen on the bands (love the quite and clear character of the RX) and made some QSO's with it. It's a bit getting used to especially all the filters, the control options but the manual is helping on that part. 

I'm quite happy with it and asked my self why didn't I buy one years ago as a kit?


Testing the power output with my OZ2CPU digitale RF mW-dBm-mV meter in combination with my 40dB RF sampler.
Power output on all bands seems to be OK.



And as always I couldn't resist to start working on it and also added a few mods / fixes. 


Modifications for Elecraft K2

  • K2 USB interface, a USB interface with a FTDI adapter to connect you K2 to your computer over USB (incl 3D printed parts)
  • K2 BPF aligment with a NanoVNA, using a NanoVNA you can allign the BPF in your K2. 
  • K2 won't shut up, on my K2 I couldn't turn down the volume to 0, so I started to dig around why and found it.
  • K2 digimodule, I want to use my K2 also with digital modes and for that I needed a inteface which wanted to build into my K2.
  • K2 IF adapter, I wanted the qrpproject.de K2 ZF adapter for my Elecraft K2, but unfortunately they stopped at the end of 2022. So I build my own Through Hole version.

More info at RigPix.

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