QRP-Labs QCX 40m CW


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Loving the kits from QRP-Labs, and when Hans Summer announced his new QCX CW tranceiver I knew I wanted to buy and build one. And when he added it to his webshop I didn't hesitated for a moment and ordered the 40m kit with a few other nice QRP-Labs kits (when your ordering and have to pay shipment, order more). 


The pictures below are taken from my Instagram account. Check out the posts about the building progress. 





When I finished the QCX, there wasn't a factory case for it so I build one my self.  




Another QCX

(update October 2021)

I got my hands on a first series QRP-Labs QCX from a SK OM (unbuild incl BaMaTech case) and although it was a 40m kit, I still had the capacitors from my QCX+ which I modified to 20m, so I made it a 30m QCX.

Not much text, but here are some pictures of the build.




Everything soldered in place, and it was time to power up. No magic smoke, so it was alignment time which took aprx 20 minutes to get the optimum.


I just have to say that the BaMaTech case looks very nice. I to bad they aren't sold any more.