BitX40 module

Beeing a longtime listener of the SolderSmoke podcast. I have heart many things about the BitX20 radio developed by Ashhar Farhan, VU2ESE. A lot of hams build that rig in variouse ways, but have build and owning a ILER20, a second diy 20m rig wasn't on my list. 

But then the word was said in the postcast that Ashhar has released a new BitX radio not as kit or just the schematics, but as a ready to experiment module for 40m with a simple VFO for a remarkable low price (just $45 incl shipping). So then things got interesting and in the last week of November 2016 I orderd it and the waiting begun. 

It took less then 2 weeks to get from India to The Netherlands but then was hold by more then 10 days at the customs for import clarifications. Had to pay a aditional euro 23 for the handling and taxes which I had expected but still it was dirt cheap for a 40m SSB rig :-)

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Update : In the mean time there is a cool new site called : with a lot of nice hacks for this module.

Update 2 : As of late december 2016 the BitX radio module has a DDS shipped with it, allowing more frequency range (entire 40m band) and less drift as the original VFO. The only difference, the price went up a little (now $59 still incl shipping). So now for a little extra, more cool stuff to experiment with :-)