Yaesu FRG-7

I have been hunting for a Yaesu FRG-7 (in a reassemble state and for a reassemble price) for a while because of the Wadley Loop system (Bram PB0AOK told me about this design) and the absolute great vintage design (for some reason I like this industrial design). Mid November 2019 I got my hands on this one. 


It needed some minor repairs like a few broken wires, a battery holder with no wires connected (looked clean cut off), a hand full of  bad solder joints (although it was sold to me as working) and off-course crackling switches and potentiometers. But that was to be expected with his age. Also it needed a good cleaning  (grease, dirt and smoke particles). I don't know how it's possible but internally there was a dust layer, that would scare the hell out of the XYL. 

Now it's up and running, and we are using it in the shack / workshop to listen to MW and SW stations. 

And off-course I couldn't resist to add some minor changes


There are some changes in my life, so I just add another one to them : putting my FRG-7 aka "The Frog" in my living room on the dresser of my late grandmother (born 1903) next to a modern but vintage looking Ikea lightbulb

Now I only have to add another MiniWhip antenna to the roof and drop the coax cable along the central heating pipes to the living room. That way I can listen to shortwave and medium wave station in my living room.


More info on RigPix - FRG-7 and Wikipedia - Wadley loop.


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