K7QO noise generator

Looking for the schematic for a simple noise generator to do some testing on my old Yaesu FRG7700, I found the website from WB0SMX on which he desribes how he build one based on the design from K7QO (link to schematic). The elegance of the design and having the components on stock I build one myself "Manhatten style". And cased it in a "bike tire repare kit" tin (which I use for all my DIY tools and testequipment)

Output aprx -8 dBm (158uW) on 50 Ohm load.



Updated version and schematic inlay

Recently I designed a 9V battery holder for Altoid tiins (link) and decided to rebuild the K7QO noise generator.


I redrawn the schematic so I could use it as a schematic inlay for the tin. You can download the PNG image below or download the SVG file


Now I can't lose the schematic and specifications again (atleast when I have the tin).