uBitX module - Boxing it up.

Lets get started.

After to much things come in between I finally made time to start boxing up my ubitx.So it's time to get to work in the workshop.  The first I made was a  support for the PCB so I can remove the bottom and get direct acces to the PCB. Then it was drilling time.

From my junk box I pulled a old nokia carkit speaker which with some cutting could be used. The plastic front nicely covers the speaker and adds a more pro look. A extra 5K liniear variable resistor was added the be used for RF-GAIN control. One thing I found out on my BitX40 that its a must.

Everything is coming together.

Wiring it all up.

And then it's back to the shack. Time to wire it all up.

With everything wired up and the smoketest pasted (no smoke), it's time to go on the band.

The first QSO's are in the log and Gerald PA3GEG was kind enough to make a sample of our QSO so I could hear the audio quality (he said it was a little dark : mp3 link).


Case mod : tiltting feed.

It's hard to get tilt feed for enclosures these days. So #diy it is.

I made the parts from polycarbonite and stainless steal. But the feed can be 3D printed when needed. I made a design from them on Tinkercad (see 3D below pictures)