40m WBR receiver

40m WBR receiver

Inspired by some fine projects in the SpratMagazine (the journal of the GQRP Club), just for fun, I build a WBR 40m regen receiver as described in the QST from August 2001.


The audio volume isn't that great so I took the audio amplifier from AA7EE 31m WBR schematic which was a great improvement. I tried to listen to a QSO of fellow ham Gerald PA3GEG on 40m but the audio quality isn't that good yet. Turned out a local AM radio pirate was overdriving the frontend.


So added this high pass filter and it immediately fixed the overdrive problem.

I boxed it up and it more stable then before. Have to find the good operation practice for it but it tunes and make sound.

Some more details...

Top view.

Highpass filter and VCO.


Another top view.


Boxed it up : rear view

Boxed it up : front view

It's a great weekend project to build.

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