Pixie 2 - 40M QRPp CW tranciever

Pixie 2 - 40M QRPp CW tranciever

A few months ago couldn't resist buying a Pixie 2 40M CW tranciever on eBay for just a few $. Which would be a nice aditions to my collections of small hamradio gadgets. There aren't much photo's of the build process but the final results may give you a good idea.

For the tuner I used a PCB which is sold by hamshop.cz (which also has a complete Altoids L Tuner kit).

The final product, resulting in a mind blowing 350mW on 7.023 Mhz when powerd by a 9V battery.

Hope the weather gets better because I'm eager to try it out in the field.

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