BackPack / MOLLE system mic holder

The last field trip I made (1st Christmas day 25 december 2020) I found out that working radio in the field can be a messy thing. 

The field where I was operating was quite new and you might say a bit muddy and dogs are allowed. And then it happened the microphone slipped of my back-back on to the ground . . . . . well you can imagine what happened. That was one thing I don't want to be happening again. 


On my way back home I remembered that I designed a CB microphone holder (compatible with my Yaesu MH-31) and it would be handy that I could mount that on my back-pack. So when I came home, got warm again, had dinner, I fired up my laptop to create a new version of that CB microphone holder what could be  placed on the 25mm nylon straps on my back-pack. These straps are part of  the standard Molle system which you often see on military style back-packs.   

So after a hour of measuring, thinking and drawing I came up with 2 new versions of the microphone holder. One for horizontal straps and one for vertical straps. Initially I made a design which you could clip on. But after a few times wearing my back-pack, I found out that the vertical one sometimes could clip off when you where putting the back-pack on. So I switched over to a 2 piece model which could be locked together with 2 pieces of 1mm diameter metal rod.  



Version for vertical straps


This is the vertical version installed on the front of the backpack.  



Version for horizontal straps


 This it the horizontal version installed on the back of the back-pack. 


Once installed they don't seem to slip off and have a good grip on the microphone. 

Next step will be testing it in out in the field during a walk and a bike ride to see if the microphone doesn't jump out of it. 

Cool I want to have one

Remember it's still work in progress and the design can change without prior notice.


When you want one or a few of these holders, I be willing to print these parts on demand and sell them to you.
Check out the special "For Sale : 3D printed parts" page for more info.   

But I have a 3D printer, can I get the STL file? 

This design is isn't opensource (please read this section on the "For Sale - about" page), but when you have a 3D pinter of your own, I may for personal (explicit non-commercial usage) agree on sending you the  STL files so you can make default quantity #2 for your self at your local 3D printing company or at your own 3D printer in exchange for a small fee as a token of appropriation / commission to support my work. I be willing to license the STL file but 

Check out the special "For Sale : 3D printed parts" page for more info.