PA4Q powerpole chassis part


As you can read on this website, I have been using Anderson PowerPoles as my 12V/13.8V standard connector.

Early June 2022 I got a e-mail from OM Cor PA4Q that he has visited my website again and he wrote me that he started to make the Anderson PowerPoles his standard connector for all the hamradio devices running on a 12-15V DC. He upgraded his FT817 like I did but he also wanted to upgrade other equipment and for that he needed good chassis parts. In his option (and I agree) these are hard to find or way to expensive.

Because he has experience with Solidworks, owns a 3D printer and is a hands-on guy, he 3D designed a chassis part existing out of 2 equal parts to hold the dual Anderson PowerPole connector (for 2 types of bolts) and a third one to keep it all together. The parts are fixed with 2 x M3x20 bolts and 2 x M3 nuts. 


With this chassis part, the only hole you have to drill is a 20mm hole using a step drill. They used to be very expensive, but now a days you can buy them at the HBM, Amazon, Bol etc.
Just search for : step drill  or when you are from the Netherlands : stappen boor


Attached to the message was not only the exploded CAD image, but he also send me the STL files to print them myself and to test them. 
So I fired up my 3D printer and printed one set to give it a try. After a 1 hour and 20 minutes the parts where printed, I picked a set of Anderson PowerPoles and 2 M3x20 with Nuts from my stock.


Without any problem the parts combine to a very nice chassis part.

Front view  


Side view.

Note : This chassis part can be used for panels of 1 to 5 mm thickness. 


Back view (with nuts installed)


Put it to good use

Sometimes you just have to make things nicer, and the PA4Q powerpole chassis part really do. 

So very pleased with the result I took my fieldradio powerbox which already had Anderson PowerPole connectors installed with plates.

I removed the original PowerPole chassis part, took the step drill and drilled a 20mm hole in the same spot.

And the chassis part fitted like a glove. 


Inside view.


Re-Installing the PowerPole dust cap and we are good to go (note to my self : print one mirrored). 


Some Q&A  

Q : I want one, do you sell them ? 
A : Cor PA4Q gave me permission to sell them through my webshop to give other OM's a way to have a nice and affordable Anderson PowerPole chassis part.

Q : Well that looks good, can I have the STL file ? 
A : Cor PA4Q gave me permission to sell licenses * through my webshop
* The license allows you to print a set of 4 chassis parts and is for personal use only. If you want to use it commercially, please contact Cor PA4Q. 

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