SMA connector thumb screw

SMA connector thumb screw

 I have seen a view SMA thumb screws on  Thingiverse  but wanted to scratch designed one from the ground up to fit my needs (and just give it a other try on 3D design).

Things I wanted was  :

  • a beveled edge on the bottom so the positioning of the thumb screw on the connector goes more smoothly.
  • not a cylinder as the base shape but a 12 sided polygon giving me a little more control on the front end.



And a smaller version  to glue them on to my fieldradio SMA cables. Because connecting cables in the field can be a tricky thing :-) 




Real live usage example.



Make your own, get the STL File

The STL file is can be downloaded by clicking on the image below.

Want to have, but don't have a 3D printer

When you don't have a 3D pinter and don't know anyone who has them, I be willing to print these parts on demand and sell them to you.
Check out the special "For Sale : 3D printed parts" page for more info.