FT-817/818 Protector

I didn't had any experience with PETG on my 3Dprinter and when I needed a few parts which would be used outside, I decided to first print something I wanted for a while for my Yaesu FT817ND. It's a protector which I had seen on FaceBook (can't remember where) but was shared on  https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4118033 

When switching to PETG you need to keep in mind that it needs other temperatures than PLA. The manufacturer advised 240 C on the nozzle and 60 C on the bed. So in Cura I switch to PETG and found out that they use the default of 80 C on the bed. So duplicated the defaults and modified the bed temperature. When the first part was printed I saw that there was more stringing then I used to have with PLA. But after some googling people noted that in Cura 3.6 you had to turned off combing. But for now nothing a few strokes with a xact blad can't fix.

In the evening I printed the feet , in the night  the final protector, so the next  morning I could assemble everything and see if it was worth all the material and time.


Can't say anything other : it looks total bad ass.



Especially with the yellow protection cap I made last year. 



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