FT817 headset adapter

For the QO-100 setup I made a headset adapter based on the Yaesu MH-31 Electret Condenser Mic Modification (link) which is giving a nice punch in SSB with very low SSB Microphone Gain on my FT817ND and FT818.

This headset adapter was build using manhattenstyle soldering pads and build in a dye-cast metal box. 


It includes 3 switches as found on the MH-31 : up, fast, down. 


And next to the mic and ear/spkr connector it has a PTT connector. 


I used it with my QO-100 setup and normal /P /QRP operations in the field and it works like a charm. The Electret Condenser Mic gives a better punch then the standard dynamic microphone element.

Another adapter ? 

When the prototype worked I drawn the schematic in KiCad and added jumpers to it would accept PC style headphone (pink and green 3.5mm stereo jacks) and Laptop style headphone 3.5mm (tip, 2 ring and ground) jacks.  


Schematic as PDF with adition info and images (link

Based on the above schematic I started to designed a PCB. A 3D rendering of it is shown below.


When I find a nice metal case (because of the RF) to put the PCB in, I will continue with it.    

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