FT-817 speaker replacement

After I found a video on YouTube about replacing the original speaker from the FT817 by a MASSOTH 8241020 speaker I was surprised about the difference. So I have ordered the massoth speaker at my local modelrailroad supply shop and made the mod my self. And I have to emit it was worth it. To bad the video didn't really catch the increase in dynamic and detail. For example turning the volume way up didn't give any distortion though the camera couldn't handle it..

Some photo's . . . .

The result :

Update : check out the side by side comparison video below. 

A link to the page of VK3BQ who also made this modification.


Massoth 8241020 Verfügbarkeit: Derzeit nicht lieferbar (out of stock)

Because I recently got a additional FT817ND I tried to order a new speaker at my local modelrailroad shop but they had problems delivering it (it was out of stock). Our friend Cor PA4Q pointed out to me that Massoth stopped delivering there 8241020 Lautsprecher 57mm, extra flach, 2 Watt, 8 Ohm and replaced it with a new one 8241021 Visaton Lautsprecher K57FL, 2 Watt, 8 Ohm. Which could explain why it was out of stock. 

But looking at the new Masoth number it states : Visaton Lautsprecher K57FL, which makes it interesting. Because now we now where Massoth has sourced his speakers. The original price around Euro 5,41 excl Tax, makes it a very resemble prices upgrade. And it can be sources at a lot of online shops like : Distrelect, Reichelt etc. 

Only question remains : is it as good as the original 8241020 speaker ?  We going to find out because I have ordered one from Distrelec through my local supplier. 


So I made a video comparing the 2 FT817ND side to side with the original speaker and the Massoth 8241020. And a video comparing the Massoth 8241020 with the Massoth 8241021 Visatron K57FL. 

Massoth 8241020 vs orignal speaker in Yaesu FT817ND

This video showing the difference between the 8241020 (left orange display) and the original speaker (purple blue display) befor the modification. The 8241020 is much better then then original speaker After this video I replaced the original speaker from my second FT817ND with a Massoth 8241021 Visaton Lautsprecher K57F and did a side by side compare of the 8241020 and the 8241021. 

Massoth 8241020 vs 8241021 Visaton Lautsprecher K57FL in Yaesu FT817ND

This video showing the difference between the 8241020 (left orange display) and the 8241021 (right blue display).

I have to say the 8241021 is better then then original speaker but has less dynamic on the low end of the audio range then the 8241020.

Is it still worth the upgrade : IMHO Yes. But when you can get your hands on a 8241020 go for that one.

Note : sorry that I used a broadcast station for the second video. The conditions where terrible at that moment. I will make another video when conditions are better.