Z817 BNC mod

LDG Z817 BNC mod

As you might know I like to work in the field with my FT817nd or with my ILER20MK2 and just like my field antenna's, my DIY antenna tuners have BNC chassis parts. The LDG Z817 factory default has the UHF chassis parts, which is not a big problem when you have hook it up the the FT817nd (HF is a UHF chassis part) and use a coax to the antenna with on one side a PL-259 connector.

But on the last fieldtrip things got cold and time was limited, so screwing the jumper cable between the FT817nd and the Z817 and screwing on the antenna cable sand came between the threats and with gloves on it wasn't working well. Also one of the SO-239 chassis parts came lose making some service needed. And I was reminded about my statement "Say NO to UHF (Connectors)" indicating my feelings to this type of connector.

So back home, servicing the Z817, I made the choice to modify it to have BNC chassis parts instead of the SO-239.

The first step was to make a new backplate with the same size as the orginal backplate. Out of a plate of 1.2mm thick aluminium I cut out a rough shape and a little filing the corners made it fit again. Taking over the holes for the GND screw and the Computer and Radio connectors and drilled them. I used Radiall BNC chassis parts made of stainless steal which are more durable then the chrome plated brass ones and have a better fit.

Putting everything back in place, the wires were solderd to the correct connections.

And afters some testing and measuring, I made a dedicated PL-259 / BNC jumper cable to hook up the FT817nd. And it was QSO time.

Eventhough the conditions weren't that good with 2.5W in my 10/20/40m DIY endfed 2 QSO's where added to the log (between them some laundry work and cleaning).

When I find a BNC chassis part with the same size as the SO-239 on the back of my FT817nd it will get replaced.