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Ultimate3 QRSS kit - power outputs

Yesterday evening I made some measurements on the output of the Ultimate3 QRSS kit in WSPR mode on various band with a dBm meter I build. I installed all the PA fet's and the power supply for the PA in low setting is 5 volt, for the high setting is 9 volt. I configured the various whisper dBm levels to the closed available to enter.

Measured Configured
Output (mW) Output (dBm) Output (dBm)
Low High Low High Low High
40m 447 850 26.5 29.3 27 30
30m 417 776 26.2 28.9 27 30
20m 275 512 24.4 27.1 23 27
12m 36 54 15.6 17.3 13 17
10m 90 158 19.5 22.0 20 23


Typing the info, the 12m output surprises me, but maybe I installed the wrong LPF or configured it wrong. Will check the configuration this evening.

Hope the above table gives useful information .

Edit 15 may 2014 : It been a while that updated these pages, but a few weeks a go I configured the U3 to use the 10m LPF for the 12m. The result was that output now a little higher then the 10m output. Which might indicate a defect in the 12m LPF (which I will rebuild from scratch).