Ultimage 3 QRSS kit - page 11

Ultimate3 QRSS kit - new housing / case

Although my Ultimate3 was had a nice housing, a few controls where on the back and ther wasn't much room for additional stuff to be added. With that in mind I didn't hesitate a few months  ago when I had the opportunity to get my hands on a batch of nice modular metal plate housings which are by design excellent for filling up with hamradio stuff.

After one to short evening planning, one a little longer evening drilling and fyling, it took another even longer evening for putting it all together. But I'm happy with the result.

One thing I took right with it was a additional switch (the one on the right) which allowed me to set the display brightness to "normal", "low" and "off".


And for future firmware upgrades a 6 pins AVR ISP socket like used on the Arduino board (my rev 2 doesn't has the ISP socket yet). When that little connector was installed I immediately upgraded the firmware to V3.06.


The back of the housing has now what it just needs : GPS, RF out and power in. Plane and simple.