Ultimate3 QRSS kit - page 6

Ultimate3 QRSS kit - relays and switching test


A few days ago I received the relays pcb and all its components. Yesterday evening I solderd it all together and configured it to work in a sequence of 10, 20 and 40m WSPR transmitions. (on the photo's the 20 and 40m LPF are in the wrong place).




Some initial test show me that everything was working fine.

When I woke-up today, I  switched on my Ultimate 3 to make some WSPR transmitions and was very excited to see how everything was doing.



Well it was doing very nice. To bad there were no 10m reports though. But still happy getting almost 7000 km with just 150 milli Watt.

Next steps to this project will be the adition on of a on-and-off switch (forget that during the boxing), adition of 2 aditional BS170 with a switch to activate them (should ingrease the output power) and the boxing of the GPS I bought from Hans for a more perminant setup outside (incl backup-battery).


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