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Ultimate3 QRSS kit - gps?


In the scrap parts box I have, there were a few GPS modules laying around and one of them was a BlueTooth GPS mouse with a Navius NGR-531 gps module on it. The NGR-531 module could be compatible with the Ultimate3 QRSS kit. The problem is that it doesn't have a real on/off switch and switches it self off after a few minutes of no bluetooth connection.


It took me a hour to find everyting out but one wire and the devices was powered on when a +5 was applied over the USB connector. Step 1 done.



The datastream output was ok and next step would be to verify the correct working of the 1sec heartbeat. Which after thinking I did something wrong was after some testing just kicking in when the GPS has a fix :-( But finding that out, just was good enough for me to make it a perminant addition to the Ultimate 3. Adding a chassis part to make it all more easy to connect it was time to hook thinks up again.


And when it showed the correct UTC time and a blinking heart, it was time to do some testing.


Time to connect a real antenna and see whats possible.

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